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After achieving a distinction in her Master's degree Thesis (MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy) at University of Derby, Aishwarya established Move for Wellbeing in 2020.


She aspires to spread mental health

awareness and the inclusiveness of

psychological wellbeing in our daily routine.

Know more about Aishwarya below

Ash's journey

Since the age of six, Aishwarya has been under training of the Indian Classical Dance Style Kathak

She choreographed and performed in high school inter-competitions, representing her school.

She started her training Latin Ballroom styles such as Salsa and Bachata

Aishwarya has been a teacher of Latin Ballroom since 2012

At University, Aishwarya choreographed and performed at  inter-university youth festivals

By the time Aishwarya completed her undergrad in Mass Media, her teaching experience brought up a keen interest in Dance Psychology 

Aishwarya also secured another undergrad in Indian Classical Dance Kathak. While securing the degree, Aishwarya learnt about ' Nrutya Manas-shastra' (The Psychology of Dance)which inspired her to pursue MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy

In 2019, Aishwarya completed her Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from the University of Derby.

In 2020, Aishwarya started Move for wellbeing a dance movement psychotherapy start-up for Nurseries and Care homes.

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