Fitting in.

It is hard.

Being yourself is hard.

We humans constantly try to twist ourselves to adapt to the world.

I am an extrovert. However, I should not be too loud.

I am an introvert. However, I should go out there and have a life.


Why do we want to fit in so much?

If I be loud, people won't like me.

If I go out there, I won't fall lonely.

In this world full of love and hate do we focus more on the negatives? Insecurities? Hate?

And to avoid the anxiety, we land with the idea of twisting.

When we try to fit in so hard, do we feel happy? We lose a bit of ourselves every time we twist. Is it worth losing ourselves, just to get adapted in what the world says? It is a sacrifice, indeed it is.

So what do we do?

After a lot of digging in,

I felt this.

Twisting is great. For the ideas that you feel are worthy of this sacrifice. For the people that are close, we twist a little for them to feel better. But when we do it, the feeling is happy rather than a sacrifice.

Twist only for that/them.

But for the ideas and people we don't feel happy to twist for,

Listen to your mind, listen to your body.

Even if requires saying 'NO'.

P.s: Thank you so much for all the love on my first episode. This journey is going to be a long one and I hope we share it together every week. 

Stay tuned for the 3rd episode on next Thursday. Keep showering your love and take care of your health. Physical as well as mental. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also connect to me 

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Until then, 

Keep smiling!

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