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Magicwand Season 2.

This is a safe place. I can write, say, anything I wish to convey. After a long break in writing, I start today. Another set of posts. Even though not many of us like to read, this blog reaches a few. And hence so, I find my connection to the world. Since the last time, I know myself better. This journey of 'Who am I' has moved further. I shall share my experiences, thoughts that emerged in the last six months. I want to express, you never know, someone else might be going through the same? Why not make this a platform of expressing. Anything. Any thought, any experience, any idea. Write them. Here/ in your journal/ in your diary or even directly to me. Let's be a family, free of judgement and notions. Someplace where no one decides what is right or wrong. It's an open world and this is an open blog. Let's be kind and share love through non-judgemental support. A thought that stands out today. I miss my family. I am extremely close to them and haven't been home since a year. I never thought I could make it one full year without them. But I did. I guess that's an achievement. But comes with sadness. P.s: Thank you so much for all the love on my previous episodes. This journey is going to be a long one and I hope we share it together every week.  Stay tuned for the next episode. Keep showering your love and take care of your health. Physical as well as mental. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also connect to me  via email- or via Instagram account name -@callmeaishwarya - Until then,  Keep smiling!

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