Who am I?

This question is a tough one. Who am I?  Not just for me I am sure.  When will I know? Will I ever know? or never know? Maybe I can start with the basics. I am Aishwarya and I am from India. I am currently living in a small town named Derby in England for my masters. Pursuing Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Sounds interesting? Indeed it is! The journey of knowing who I am is difficult. Its a confusion, hence I prefer to stick to the basics! Although I want to know who I am, maybe this is the way I can find?  Am I the only one who doesn't know the answer to the above question?  Maybe I am what my career is.. no, maybe I am what my demographics,. maybe I am what my future is? Maybe I am what this blog is? I know. A lot of question marks. Its a fog out there.  For every human being who wants to know who you are, how about taking it slowly.. one step at a time. I am here to hold your hand. Because believe me, nobody knows..who they are!

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