Youngster's deserve respect too!

Since i was born, I have heard these lines.

"Always respect your elders"

"Always show respect to the elderly"

We Indians have certain values that are taught to the kids in early years. 

This is one of them.

I always did so. 

No matter what. 

Every young kid I believe, has known this and has to abide by it without a word. 

But Sometimes,

I got disrespected and I couldn't speak a word about it. 

I am sure every youngster goes through this once or twice in their life.

"It is right because someone elder said so".

For Eg: Youngsters most of the times give up their seat for the elder people.

Nobody minds doing that. Because there is empathy. 

But when a man changes his seat without consent to sit beside his relative,

even when you have that seat booked in advance,

and when asked for it, the man says

"youngsters have no respect for elder's these days" that's tolerating.

(I booked that seat in advance for a reason!)

I believe that there is a difference between

- respecting the person and his personal understanding/perception/philosophy 

which I absolutely don't mind

- and tolerating even if that person has been personally bad to you

 because you "gotta respect the elders".

Everybody acts according to their learning and their perception.

Whether it is a 3 year old or a 60.

Everyone has to be respected!

Since a few months, 

I decided to respect those who will respect me back.

And not tolerate their actions just because they came early in this world.

I understand that the experience matters. 

However that does not mean, one gets the licence to disrespect anyone.

I decided to respect the youngsters, 

Yes, even children!

Preaching is fine.

But getting away with unfair behaviour just because you are an older/elder!

That's something I have decided to fight against.

I will speak up against anyone who is disrespecting me personally (just because "they can")

Because even I can! P.s: Thank you so much for all the love on my previous episodes. This journey is going to be a long one and I hope we share it together every week.  Stay tuned for the next episode on next Thursday. Keep showering your love and take care of your health. Physical as well as mental. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also connect to me  via email- or via Instagram account name -@callmeaishwarya - Until then,  Keep smiling!

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